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As a professional, business to business service company, we are known for several things.

  • Produce processing in a GFSI Certified facility. We are a one stop shop for all fresh cut produce requirements. The benefits of our services is that our customers have the ability to save on time and product yield – while also receiving a food safe product, cut to specifications, with 99-100% utilization!

  • Presence at 100% of all major supermarkets in the State of Hawaii. We act as the local delivery and merchandising provider for companies with refrigerated product service needs and have the capacity to include many more. We specialize in delivering products that require temperature control and shelf life awareness.

  • Taro Brand. The original product that made us who we are is Poi. Under the Taro Brand label, we manufacture and deliver more Hawaiian Poi than anyone else on Earth! Also under the Taro Brand label is Lomi Salmon, a culturally traditional dish that embodies the melting pot that our Islands have become. We complete our Taro Brand line with salad mixes and a variety of sprouts that we grow ourselves. Click here to visit our Taro Brand website.




In addition to being one of the premier processed produce distributors in the State of Hawaii, HPC has the capabilities to deliver branded products across the State. HPC Foods is well established within the retail and institutional account segments. Our relationships with our customers & suppliers span decades long, in some cases, well over 60 years. 

We have a staff of 24 Drivers, Merchandisers, and Supervisors capable of delivering chilled products to wholesalers, retailers, and end users. They deliver by driving a fleet of 21 temperature-controlled refrigerated trucks to maintain the cold chain directly to our customers. Our vehicles are maintained regularly to ensure correct thermometer calibrations and 3rd party inspections are always welcome.

Our merchandisers are well trained in restocking, rotating product, front facing, and quality control. The entire department is well trained in food safety and defensive driving.




If you have a product that is need of distribution and merchandising, or if you are interested in utilizing our manufacturing facilities to provide products under your own private label, contact us today.




Aloha Age 4′s
Aloha Natto

Aloha Nishi 8′s
Aloha Tofu Firm 20 oz.

Aloha Tofu Soft 20 oz.



Mandoo Pi 10 oz.

Stir Fry Noodle, 10 oz.

Won Ton Pi 10 oz.



American 12 oz.
Asian Supreme S/Kit 13.9 oz.
Baby Spin/Spring Mx 5.5 oz.
Baby Spinach 6 oz.
Caesar Salad Kit 10 oz.
Caesar Supreme S/Kit 10.75 oz.
Cole Slaw 3 color 16 oz.

Double Carrots 12 oz.
Garden Rom G&C 12 oz.
Garden Salad 12 oz.
Garden Salad 24 oz.
Garden Salad 6oz.

Hearts of Romaine 10 oz.
Italian 10 oz.
Leafy Romaine 9 oz.
Lettuce Trio 9 oz.

Premium Romaine 9 oz.
Shreds 8 oz.
Spinach 9 oz.
Spring Mix 5 oz.
Triple Hearts 8 oz.
Veggie Lovers 12 oz.


Coleslaw 16 oz.
Fresh Salad 16 oz.
Safeway Farms Kale Kit

Safeway Farms All American
Safeway Farms Baby Spinach
Safeway Farms Caesar Salad

Safeway Farms Sweet Butter Blend
Safeway Farms Spring Mix
Safeway Farms Caesar Supreme Kit

Safeway Farms Italian Kit
Safeway Farms Southwest Ranch Kit
Safeway Farms Apple Blue Cheese& Pecan Salad


Broc Sprout, 4 oz.

Carrot Sticks 10 oz.
Celery Stalks 8 oz.
Chop Suey Mix 9 oz.

Clover Sprouts 4 oz.
Lomi Salmon 14 oz.
Mung Beansprouts 10 oz.
Pancake Mix 20 oz.

Poi Powder 3 oz.
Poi-1 lb pkg
Poi-3 1/2 lb. (REST)
Poi-Cup MXD 16 oz.

Radish Sprouts 4 oz.
Premium Frozen Poi
Salad Mix 8 oz.
Soy Sprouts 8 oz.

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