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HONOLULU POI COMPANY was founded in 1946 by Kakuichi Tottori as a small poi milling operation with only three employees. In 1950, son James took over and was joined by his son Ernest in 1952. As the company prospered, sprouts and processed vegetables were added. The company name was changed in 1990 to HPC Foods, Ltd. to better reflect the growing diversity of its business. And now, seventy years later, the fourth generation, working with over 180 employees, continues to provide quality products for Hawai‘i and beyond. Throughout its history, local farmers have played an important role in the success of the company. As noted by Ernest back in 1978, my “Grandfather’s concept was to develop more local industry. And my Dad’s concept was to help preserve farmers in Hawai‘i”. “This is what made Honolulu Poi: Looking at the future and working together with our farmers in the state”. This sentiment still rings true today as the company continues its commitment to working to support our local farmers.



."... HPC Foods consistently meets our expectations to provide fresh, quality produce and excellent service to our Hawaii foodservice establishments. "

- Sodexo Hawaii

"Through HPC Foods Ltd’s involvement with education, the students are more aware of the importance Taro played in our past and how important it will be to keep it alive for the future... "

– Alan Tsuchiyama

Associate Professor, Culinary Arts

Kapiolani Community College


"...they have remained committed to supplying our 75 restaurants statewide with the quality produce that we proudly serve to our customers."

– Veronica Kaneko

President and Managing Director

McDonald’s Restaurants of Hawaii

The Makahiki Challenge is a 3+ mile  journey through tireless hills, obstacles, and mud. Designed to test your physical endurance and mental toughness.

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Ah Fooks Supermarket
Alicia’s Market
Big Save
Bobby’s At Waimanalo


Ala Moana Poi Bowl
American Eateries
Anna Miller’s
Anthony’s Pizza
Blossoms Okazuya


Halekulani Hotel
Hawaii Convention Center
Hawaii Prince Hotel
Hyatt Regency-Waikiki

Kaimana Beach Hotel

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