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More about GFSI

Quality and food safety are of utmost importance at HPC Foods, and we are proud and honored to be the only food manufacturer in Hawaii to earn a GFSI Certification. What does this mean?


GFSI is, in part, a benchmarking organization that has recognised a number of food safety management schemes that fulfill the criteria that a group of multi-stakeholders have identified in the GFSI Guidance Document as covering best food safety practice.


This system provides a high degree of confidence that food safety management systems are adequately designed, implemented and maintained. Furthermore, suppliers can benefit from the concept of “once certified, accepted everywhere”, as the certificates gained from an audit to any GFSI recognised scheme are accepted by many international and regional/national retailers or suppliers. Suppliers also benefit from a reduction in the number of audits.

Quality is our priority. We have invested in a state-of-the-art produce processing facility and equipment to ensure products are fresh and safe. Products are produced under stringent food safety systems that include HACCP controls and GMPs. Routine inspections and third party audits validate our processes and we are proud of our Superior Rating from AIB, known for their rigorous audit standards.


Products and environment testing and analysis are conducted to ensure we deliver the highest quality and freshest product to you!


Our sprouts and poi products are certified as kosher by the OU.



The cold chain maintains the optimal temperature for our fresh products from beginning to end, Not only does this ensure that our customers will receive the best quality products at its maximum shelf-life, it helps maintain a high level of food safety throughout the process.

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