Taro Brand represents the division of HPC Foods that locally manufactures a variety of food products. These products include poi, sprouts, taro products and cut produce. Visit our online store to purchase some of these products!


Taro Products

Fresh-Cut Vegetables & Fruits
Lomi Salmon


In addition to Taro Brand products, HPC distributes other local and mainland products, such as Chun Wah Kam noodle products, Kanai Tofu, Aloha Tofu, Fresh Express and Ready Pac packaged salads, Litehouse dressings, and Brassica Brocco Sprouts.

Chun Wah Kam Noodles

Aloha Tofu

Kanai Tofu

Ready Pac Salads

Fresh Express Salads

Brassica Brocco Sprouts

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