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For years, scientists have known that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables has beneficial health effects. Recently, researchers have begun to unlock the secret benefits of fruits and vegetables. One such discovery resulted in new Fresh Alternatives BroccoSprouts.

Fresh Alternatives BroccoSprouts are a fresh and natural way to supplement your diet with sulforaphane GS, a phytochemical found in broccoli.

Scientists believe that phytochemicals, like sulforaphane GS, may be part of the reason eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of disease. The scientists at John Hopkins University, who discovered sulforaphane GS, found it acted by helping antioxidants.

Antioxidants, like vitamins C and E, are part of the cellular process inside your body that inactivate harmful free radicals.

Not all broccoli sprouts are alike. Researchers at John Hopkins University have tested more than 50 varieties of broccoli seeds. They found only a few types of broccoli seeds have large, uniform levels of sulforaphane GS.

Only Fresh Alternatives BroccoSprouts are grown from these special seeds, which are tested by the Brassica Group to ensure guaranteed levels of sulforaphane GS.
Ounce per ounce, Fresh Alternatives BroccoSprouts are guaranteed to provide at least 20 times more sulforaphane GS than average cooked broccoli.
Unlike other dietary supplements, BroccoSprouts are meant to be eaten in their fresh and natural form. Look for BroccoSprouts in your grocer’s produce department. For more information go to .

Look for the Brassica Sprout Group Seal as your assurance that you are getting genuine broccoli sprouts containing guaranteed levels of sulforaphane GS.

Only the Brassica Group has the scientific “know-how” to test, select, develop and certify the amount of sulforaphane GS in broccoli sprouts. Visit their web site at .

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